Copy Cat Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich

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Instead of ordering at the drive through tonight, make your own fast food!  Sure, it’s not as fast and you still have to clean up, but you will have extra calories to spare for dessert……and who doesn’t like dessert?!?

Copy Cat ‘Outlaw’ Burger

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THIS BURGER WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  We actually had our neighbor over the night I made these!  She loved them!  Raved about them!  They are spicy, juicy and 100% perfection!

Chicken Fajitas with Phulkas

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  My hubby and I came up with this idea together, so I can’t take all the credit for it! 😉 So, we came up with this idea while we were woking on a job with a client (we also own our own photography business). We were photographing and developing recipes that were heart healthy

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Pepper Crusted Steak Salad

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Light, crisp salad that’s packed with tons of flavor! Great weeknight meal….easy to make and easy to clean up! Salad isn’t just for ladies!

Chile Relleno Burger

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  Mexican meets burger!  Can we say fiesta in my mouth?!?  A juicy burger topped with a spicy cheesy pepper!  This will surely be one of the yummiest burgers you’ve ever tasted! Annnnd it’s even got guacamole on it!  How can you beat that? It looks like it’s difficult with all the different steps but

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