Pumpkin Glazed Donuts

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    Can you all tell I love me some donuts!?! ¬†ūüėÜ ¬†And these are pumpkin so that’s even better! ¬†I love pumpkin everything! ¬†I am the pumpkin freak you see buying a pumpkin coffee when it’s still September! ¬†There is nothing better than a pumpkin donut with pumpkin glaze! ¬†ūüėć Seriously, it’s like heaven!

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Apple Cider Donuts

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    Ok, so one of my favorite things to do in the fall is go apple picking. ¬†But there is a reason I like to go apple picking. ¬†It just so happens that the orchard we visit has THE BEST APPLE CIDER DONUTS! ¬†So good, that if you buy a dozen they barely make

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Vampire Blood

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  Who loves Halloween?!? ¬†MEEEEEEEE! ¬†This is my FAVORITE holiday! ¬†Since I was a little kid! ¬†I remember coming home from trick or treating and turning all the lights off in the living room and watching scary movies. ¬†Not to mention eating fistfuls of candy! ¬†Yep, loooove Halloween!!!! ¬†This drink will be a hit at

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Eggplant Parmigiana

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    This is a recipe that’s been in my family for a long long time. ¬† My mom would make this in huge trays because everyone would want to have some! She still makes eggplant! ¬†And everyone still wants to get in on it! ūüėČ I’ve made some small changes to the recipe, like

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Rose Apples

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  It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall!!!! ¬†Anyone who knows me, knows I LOOOOOVE FALL!!!! ¬†The leaves changing, cool nights, Halloween, apple picking, cinnamon, just all of it! ¬†If you all love fall like me you are going to LOVE these apple roses! ¬†My bet is, even if you don’t like fall you’ll

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Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I’m taking it right back to childhood with these right here! ¬†Chocolate chip cookies are that one comfort food that can bring me right back to being a kid. Let’s reminisce for a second……..the school day is over, I’m tired and hungry and can’t wait to be HOME! I walk in the door and there

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Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes

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I love chocolate cupcakes! ¬†Maybe because I’m a woman and I live chocolate but that’s besides the point. ūüėú You will fall in love with these cupcakes…..they’re light and infused with coffee. ¬†Imagine not being able to see clearly then bam! ¬†You get glasses and everything is beautiful and amazing! ¬†That’s what coffee does to

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Chile Relleno Burger

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  Mexican meets burger! ¬†Can we say fiesta in my mouth?!? ¬†A juicy burger topped with a spicy cheesy pepper! ¬†This will surely be one of the yummiest burgers you’ve ever tasted! Annnnd it’s even got guacamole on it! ¬†How can you beat that? It looks like it’s difficult with all the different steps but

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Cannoli Cupcakes

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There’s no hiding it, ¬†I love food all kinds! ¬†But there’s just something about a cannoli. That sweet creamy filling and chcololate chips…..yum yum yum! ¬†Now you can enjoy that sweet treat in a light and fluffy cupcake. ¬†I mean come on…..cannoli + cupcake = HEAVEN!!! I wanted to keep these cupcakes as close to

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Chicken Caprese

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It’s Late August and it’s still humid and hot….the kids started or are starting school soon and you need a quick, light and easy dinner. Buuuuut you don’t feel like cooking it’s too dang hot! ¬†No worries, just fire up your grill and grab a nice refreshing glass of sangria. This is a super easy

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