Watermelon Sangria

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This sangria is perfect for summer!  Perfect for that hot summer day lounging by the pool,  by the beach or sip it while sitting by a bonfire on a cool summer night!  It’s the perfect drink!

Shamrock Shake Cheesecake

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If Leprechauns were real, this cheesecake would definitely be at the end of the rainbow!  This is a whole new kind of gold…..GREEN gold! Try it!

Clark’s Candy Cane Eggnog

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They are super tasty and if you want you can even add a little bit of bourbon or rum.  I wanted to keep mine virgin so the kids could enjoy them too!

Shots For Kids

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The great thing about this drink…..it’s SUPER easy!  It’s literally 3 ingredients!  JUST 3!  And the kids will love it!  Especially getting to squirt the blood into their drink!

Salted Caramel Hard Root Beer Float

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Your favorite childhood summer beverage……THE ADULT VERSION!!!! I used to beg my mom to make us (the neighborhood kids and myself) root beer floats

Copy Cat Unicorn Frapp

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No need to go to starbucks just make your own unicorn frappe at home! It’s super easy and it’s super fun! Sweet, sour and oh so pretty!

Vampire Blood

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  Who loves Halloween?!?  MEEEEEEEE!  This is my FAVORITE holiday!  Since I was a little kid!  I remember coming home from trick or treating and turning all the lights off in the living room and watching scary movies.  Not to mention eating fistfuls of candy!  Yep, loooove Halloween!!!!  This drink will be a hit at

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