Hi!  I’m Genna, no not Gina, Jenna only with a G!  😉 I’m a stay home mommy, co business owner and wifey.  My two awesome boys are  James (7) and Caleb (4) and they both keep me on my toes!  I’ve been married to my husband and best friend for 8 years now. Together we own Flash Forward Photography. So all the pretty pictures of food you see on here are courtesy of my very talented hubby!

My love for food and cooking started at a young age (being Italian, food is pretty much your life….lol) and I’ve learned a lot from my mom and watching the food network  😊 I love trying new things and I love making people smile (of course when you give them a big ol piece of chocolate cake or yummy cookies it definitely helps) with food!

Food and cooking is ONE of MANY things I love and enjoy.  I also love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has lead me to this journey I’m on. His love and light are a constant guide in my life.  He’s given me the courage to step out and try something new. I owe all to him. I also enjoy gardening and making things pretty around my house.  I love a good book and scary movies. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite Holidays so I’ll have a bunch of creative yummy treats for you all to try.

I’m super excited to share my love of cooking and Jesus with you all!