Watermelon Sangria


SUUUUUMER TIME!  The best part of the year….besides Halloween…;)

What’s one of the best things about summer?  WATERMELON!

Watermelon is just so refreshing and light.  If summer had a taste and a smell it would definitely be watermelon!

This sangria is perfect for summer!  Perfect for that hot summer day lounging by the pool,  by the beach or sip it while sitting by a bonfire on a cool summer night!  It’s the perfect drink!

Super easy to make and you will love it so much you will be drinking it all summer!  Or even in the winter when you are longing for the warm summer days!



2 cups of watermelon juice (I just cut up a watermelon and blend it in the blender, then just run it through a fine strainer to get all the pulp out)

1 bottle of moscato

1 bottle of any dry white wine

1/2 cup malibu rum

1/2 cup triple sec

2 limes, juiced

pine apple (cut up and mixed with sangria)

watermelon (cut up and mixed with sangria)



In a large pitcher mix in all ingredients.

We let it sit in the fridge overnight or even just a few hours is ok.

When you are ready to serve, just pour over ice and ENJOY!