Boozy Pecan Pie


Tis the season…..for tons and tons of indulgent, delicious food!  Especially treats!  From November 1 until long after January my family and I enjoy lots and lots of amazing food!

One of my favorite things to do is go and visit family in NJ for Thanksgiving.  we always have such an awesome Thanksgiving feast!  Then we gorge on 3-4 different kinds of pies!  I think one year we had like 7 different pies!  I usually make the same 2 pies every year and then one different one.  I make a killer pumpkin (with fresh pumpkin, the recipe is on here and a pecan pie with a kick…THIS ONE!)

This pie is AMAZING!  It has all the rich decadent components of a traditional pecan pie, but with a little bit of a twist!  The bourbon is such a great compliment to this pie!  It adds such a warm rich flavor!  The first time I made it, I was going to just make a normal pecan pie, but I saw Maker’s Mark sitting there and I though “Hmmmm I wonder how this would taste?” And the rest was history!  Everyone loved it!  Now I make it every year!


Ingredients for Crust:

1 1/2 Cups sifted flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup shortening

5-6 tbsp cold water


Ingredients for filling:

1 1/2 cups pecan pieces

3 large eggs

1 cup sugar

3/4 dark corn syrup

2 tbsp melted butter

2 tsp vanilla

3 tbsp bourbon

1/2 tsp salt


Directions for crust:

Sift together flour and salt.

Cut in shortening with a pastry blender or fork, until pieces resemble small peas.

Sprinkle water, one tablespoon at a time, mix gently with a fork and moistened dough to the side.  Repeat until all dough has been moistened.

Gather dough up with fingers and shape into a ball, then let it sit for a few minutes.

Once dough has rested, roll out onto floured surface.  Roll out to fit 9 inch pie pan.  Cut off extra over hang, but leave enough to create pie edge.  I like to press a fork to the pie edge and create a little crinkle edge.

I also poke the dough with a fork, this helps pie cook more evenly and keeps air bubbles from forming in the crust.


Directions for Filling:

Preheat oven to 350°, spread pecans onto baking sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes or until you smell the pecans (that means the oils are being released and you can take them out.)

Beat eggs then mix in sugar, corn syrup, butter, vanilla, bourbon and salt.

Pour filling into prepared pie crust.  Bake at 350° for 50-55 minutes.  Be sure to shield pie with foil (about 20 minutes into baking) this will protect the pie from over browning.

Eat warm or room temp or even chilled!

I like to top mine with whipped cream!