Shots For Kids


Every Halloween I try to come up with fun things for the kids to eat and drink.  I always spend so much time trying to come up with great ‘Adult’ drinks that sometimes the kids get over looked….bad mom moment ;( So I trued to come up with something that was fun and yummy!

The great thing about this drink…’s SUPER easy!  It’s literally 3 ingredients!  JUST 3!  And the kids will love it!  Especially getting to squirt the blood into their drink!  So fun for them!

And you can make quite a few, and since it only has 3 ingredients you won’t break the bank!


1 liter of Sprite or Sierra Mist


Syringes (I got mine from spirit Halloween)


Fill glasses 3/4 of the way up with Sprite/Sierra Mist.

Then fill syringe halfway with grenadine.

Place shot in glass with Sprite.

Now watch as the kinds enjoy filling their cup up with BLOOD!