Copy Cat ‘Outlaw’ Burger


My family and I took a trip out West this summer, something we always wanted to do!  Luckily, my hubby has a photography company that he can work from anywhere and can take some time off without any issues.  So, we decided that we jump in and take the trip this year!  It was AMAZING!  The mountains of Wyoming, the Coast of California, San Fran, LA, Vegas, Reno, Sedona, Tombstone… was ALL amazing!  It was a pretty incredible trip!  Truthfully, I owe it all to God that we were even able to take or afford this trip.  It was God who lead us to pursue my husbands career in photography instead of scraping by with his post office job.  So we are immensely grateful to God for leading us to the right opportunities that lead us to this great trip and all the beauty that the created in this great land of the USA!

One of our favorite places on this trip was Tombstone.  Such a cool place to visit!  Gun fight reenactments, old saloons, actors in full old west garb!  It was great and it had such a great old time feel to it!  We spent two days there, the first day was the best!  It was quiet and not crowded at all.  Our boys had a good time too!  They enjoyed the gunfights and the different shops, none of which were crowded.  Perfect day.  And we just so happened to eat lunch at the old Tombstone Hotel, it’s now converted into a saloon called Big Nose Kate’s (Kate was a famous for the brothel she owned and she was girlfriend to Wyatt Earp).  This was such a cool place to eat!  Totally took you back to that time period.  The food was good and the staff was friendly and fun!  Just an all round great experience.  My hubby and I had a burger and they were awesome!  So good that I decided to take a little piece of this fantastic part of the trip and re create it!

Let me just say this, THIS BURGER WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  We actually had our neighbor over the night I made these!  She loved them!  Raved about them!  They are spicy, juicy and 100% perfection!

Get a little taste of tombstone and make these burgers!  TONIGHT!






Ingredients Burger:

1-2 lbs 80-85% lean ground beef

1 tbsp worcestershire sauce

2 cloves fresh garlic, minced

salt and pepper to taste

onion rolls, lightly toasted

cheddar jack cheese to top burger

pickled jalapeños (optional)

1 tbsp Chipotle ranch


Ingredients Chipotle Ranch:

4-5 chipotle peppers, I used the canned peppers

1/4 cup sour cream

1/4 cup mayo

1/2 cup Ranch dressing




To make chipotle ranch, blend peppers, sour cream, mayo and ranch in blender.  Blend until well blended and smooth.  Mixture may be a little soupy but it will thicken in the fridge. (make this sauce ahead of time so it can thicken in the fridge until the burgers are ready.)

To make burger patties, mix meat, worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt and pepper.  Divide the meat into evenly shaped patties, at your desired thickness. *Remember they will shrink slightly when they cook*

Grill burgers to your desired doneness, melt cheese on burgers when they are almost ready to come off the grill.

Once burgers are done, spread chipotle ranch on each roll and place your burger on top.  Add your choice of jalapeños or tomatoes.

YEE HAW!  Enjoy!!!!