Candy Corn Fudge


Well, Halloween is over…..ūüėē Always kind of makes me sad when it’s all over and done. ¬†We do so much prepping for Halloween and our party. Then Halloween is here and then it’s gone. ¬†Just like that. ¬†But what’s not gone is candy. ¬†You will likely have candy coming out your ears until next Halloween. Because if your kids are anything like mine, they nibble their Halloween candy for weeks, then they have Christmas parties and Valentine’s parties. ¬†They forget all about their Halloween candy and now there is more candy on top of the Halloween candy. So, yeah, we end up throwing out a bunch the following Halloween.

One of the candies that we always seem to have a ton of is candy corn. We buy a lot to give away in goodie bags and we use it to decorate other desserts. ¬†It’s such a festive candy for Halloween and for fall in general. ¬†So I came up with this cute idea to ‘recycle’ it. It’s easy, yummy and super festive. ¬†We don’t have to stop the fall desserts after Halloween! ¬†It’s still fall! ¬†So get all those leftover candy corn and make this sweet fall treat! ūüćā




1 1/2 cups candy corn

8 oz can sweetened condensed milk

2 1/4 cups white chocolate chips


Line a 8×8 or 9×9 pan with wax paper.

Spread one cup of the candy corn on wax paper.

Heat white chocolate chips in a heat safe bowl, in a double boiler.  (Double boiler is a pot filled 1/4 the way up with water and a heat safe bowl placed inside, but the water cannot be touching the bowl.  This allows for the chocolate to be melted without burning.  Be sure the water does it touch the bowl.)

Once white chocolate is melted stir in condensed milk, while still on heat.  Stir from 1 minute.

Remove from heat stir in vanilla then pour fudge into Prepared pan.  Spread evenly on top of candy corn.  Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Once fudge is set and ready, melt 1/2 cup of candy corn in microwave safe bowl.  Melt in 15 second intervals.  Stirring each time until candy is melted. *Do not over heat because candy corn will burn.*  Once melted drizzle over fudge.