Vampire Blood



Who loves Halloween?!?  MEEEEEEEE!  This is my FAVORITE holiday!  Since I was a little kid!  I remember coming home from trick or treating and turning all the lights off in the living room and watching scary movies.  Not to mention eating fistfuls of candy!  Yep, loooove Halloween!!!!  This drink will be a hit at that party you’re throwing or just a special treat to enjoy alone.   It’s festive, sweet, bubbly and super easy to make.

You’ll need dry ice for this recipe.  Some grocers carry it by the regular ice.  Most of the stores by me sell it but you can always buy it online if you can’t find it locally.  Please use caution when handling the dry ice.  Never use your bare hands. Use gloves or tongs to handle the ice.  You can get severe burns if handling the ice incorrectly.

Grab some candy, put on a good horror flick and enjoy some vampire blood! 🍷




2 Parts Vodka

2 Parts Cranberry Juice

Splash of ginger ale

Splash of cherry juice (from jar of maraschino cherries)

Maraschino cherries

Dry ice


Mix vodka and cranberry juice in a glass.

Add ginger ale and cherry juice.

carefully add dry ice (it typically comes in a 5 lb block, so you will have to break small pieces off, about the size of a gold ball.  I just kept it in the bag it came in and put it on a thick wood cutting board, while it was still in the bag because keeping it in the bag ensures that little pieces won’t fly onto your face or other areas of your skin.  Then I took a large knife and started chopping, while in the bag.   It’s pretty easy to break pieces off.  Make sure you pick up the pieces with tongs or if you have super thick gloves you can pick it up with your hands.  Be sure not to handle it for long.  Carefully set it into your drink and ENJOY!  The fog will last about 10 minutes.  Don’t drink until ice is gone.